Hannah's Lawn Care

Transforming Lawns with Care

Let's Make Your Grass Beautiful And Green!
Grass Cutting

Mow your lawn with edging sidewalks.

Brush and Weed Removal

Overgrown brush and weeds destroyed.


Removing old layers of dead grass, allowing your grass to grow freely.


Thicken your lawn by seeding with new grasses

Repair Bare Spots

Growing grass in the bare dirt spots

Hedge Trimming

Trim small bushes and hedges. (coming soon)

Why Choose Us

Choose us for environmentally friendly lawn care, flexible scheduling, personalized service, and transparent fixed pricing. Experience the difference of a lawn care service that cares for your lawn, your convenience, and your satisfaction.

Eco Friendly Care

We prioritize the environment by utilizing electric tools instead of gas-powered equipment, reducing carbon emissions and promoting a greener approach to lawn care.

Fixed Prices

With our transparent pricing model, you pay per job rather than per hour. This ensures clarity and eliminates any surprises, allowing you to budget confidently for your lawn care needs.

Flexible Scheduling

We work around your schedule, offering convenient appointment times from early morning to late evening, ensuring our services fit seamlessly into your routine.

Personalized Service

We take a tailored approach to your lawn's needs, considering its unique characteristics and requirements. Our team customizes our care to ensure your lawn receives the individualized attention it deserves.

Let's Beautify Your Garden Together!

Questions & Answers

You can get a quote by clicking the Get a Quote button at the top of the page. Make sure to give me the correct address and email.

The first lawn service consists of mow and bag, walkway edging, and brush removal. Subsequent maintenance happens weekly with mow and mulch and edging. Additional services can be added on as requested.

We understand that weather conditions can impact the scheduled maintenance. In the event of rain or adverse weather conditions, we will make every effort to reschedule the service promptly.